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Cut Wings (small) – orders of 10 or more – .50c

Dry Rub Flavors:

Bacon Chipotle    BBQ     BBQ Hot     Buffalo     Cajun     Chile Lime     Garlic Habanero     Garlic Jalapeno     Garlic Parmesan

Garlic Salt     Garlic Sriracha     Honey Garlic     Honey Sriracha     Hot Garlic Salt     Hot Lemon Pepper     Jerk     Lemon Pepper

Old Bay (Hot)     Old Bay (Regular)     Ranch     Salt & Vinegar     Sweet Heat     Sweet & Spicy     Texas Pete     Zesty Lemon Pepper

Wet Sauce Flavors:

Atomic     BBQ     Braised     Buffalo     Buffalo Ranch     Carolina Reaper     Curry     Habanero     Honey     Honey BBQ

Honey Carolina Reaper     Honey Habanero     Honey Mustard     Hot BBQ     Hot Buffalo     Hot Lemon Pepper     Hot Orange

Hot Teriyaki     Jerk     Kickin’ Bourbon     Lemon Carolina Reaper     Lemon Pepper     Orange     Ranch     Teriyaki





Lunch Combos – served with Fries & Drink  – 8.99

12pc. Cut Wings (small)

8oz. 100% Beef Burger  

8oz. 100%Turkey Burger

8oz. Grilled Chicken

8oz. Chicken Tenders

12in. Chicken Philly  

12in. Cheese Steak Philly  


Lunch Features – served with one side – 7.99

2pc. Deep Fried Turkey Wings  

2pc. Deep Fried Pork Chops  



3pc. Whole Wing Basket – 5.99

2pc. Whiting or Tilapia Basket – 6.99  

Liver or Gizzard Basket – 6.99

Whole Wings and Waffle – 7.99  

6pc. Chicken Wings, 8pc. Shrimp & Fries – 9.99  

Fish Platter – 12.99  

Fish Platter  & 6pc. Chicken Wings – 15.99

Fish Platter & 12pc. Chicken Wings – 18.99









The discounted menu item below is available for the employees of any business listed below but only on the designated day for their employer.
12pc. Cut wings (small), fries and drink – 8.00

* fries can substituted with a side salad or fried okra or sweet potato fries

Law Enforcement
Fire Department

City of Columbia Water
Cassell Brothers Heating and Air

School district employees
Park Ridge medical staff
Lexington medical staff












5pc. Cut Wings (small) & 4oz. 100% Beef Burger – 9.50

5pc. Cut Wings (small) & 4oz. 100% Turkey Burger – 9.50

5pc. Cut Wings (small) & 6in. Chicken Philly – 9.50

5pc. Cut Wings (small) & 6in. Philly Cheese Steak – 9.50










All Items – served with Cole Slaw – 4.99

4oz. 100% Beef Burger

4oz. 100%Turkey Burger

4oz. Grilled Chicken

4oz. Chicken Tenders

6in. Chicken Philly

6in. Cheese Steak Philly